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You Matter using Classroom Clock Vinyl Wall Decal

You Matter using Classroom Clock Vinyl Wall Decal

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You Matter Vinyl Wall Decal designed to use your classroom clock as the O. Please note that the Y and U will come separate along with the MATTER portion of the decal. Make sure your wall is appropriate for our Oracal 631 vinyl (please see FAQ for appropriate wall applications).

Made using the highest quality indoor vinyl (Oracal 631), it is easily applied and removes without leaving a sticky residue behind.

For the 12" Version:

The Y and U are 12" in height to match most classroom clocks.

MATTER is just under 8" tall and 38 inches wide.

For the 10" Version:
The Y and U and 10" in height to match 10" clocks.
Matter is just under 6 2/3" tall and 32 2/3" wide.

We have included a color chart as one of the pictures for your convenience.

Select the appropriate size for your needs from the drop down when ordering. We would highly recommend measuring your area first before ordering.

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