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Limited General Commercial Use License for one Digital Listing - Up to 100 Units - No credit Required

Limited General Commercial Use License for one Digital Listing - Up to 100 Units - No credit Required

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Attention all crafters, DIYers, and small businesses! Do you love our designs and want to use them for your small business or Print on Demand site? Look no further than our general commercial use license. With this license, you'll have the freedom to create and sell PHYSICAL products featuring our high-quality and unique designs. Whether you're making custom clothing, custom bags, mugs, or one-of-a-kind home decor, our designs will add a special touch of style to your creations. Plus, with our license, you can rest easy knowing that you have legal permission to use our designs for your business. Don't let legal concerns hold you back from creating your dream business. Invest in our general business commercial use license today and start bringing your creative vision to life!

Before any PHYSICAL product is made available for sale, this license must be purchased. This includes listing the product you’d like to use commercially and your business name or individual on checkout.

Credit is appreciated, but is NOT REQUIRED


You are only receiving the digital license to use a purchased digital product for commercial use. Your receipt from Etsy including the entered product you’d like to use as well as your business name will be the legal record of your license. This will be outlined in the Digital Licensing Agreement you will have access to download after purchase. 


By purchasing this Commercial Use License, you agree to our Terms and Conditions below:

-You may use the Item for yourself.
-You may create a product with or using the Item you purchased and sell it to others up to 100 pieces (so long as you do not alter or modify the Item).
**For example, you purchased an Item that is a license to a digital art file a graphic of an apple from Teachwithtech. You may print the Item onto a t-shirt or mug, but you cannot make any changes to the apple graphic itself. You are permitted to further customize or personalize the product on which the Item is printed (you can add your name! Or your buyer’s name!).

This license does not permit you to do any of the following with the Item you purchased:

-You cannot resell the digital Item itself in its original format, altered format or any variation.
-You cannot sublicense, assign, transfer, or share your license of the Item with or to someone else.
-Items including digital cut files may not be digitized and re-sold as any other file type (e.g. embroidery file).
-You may not use our representation of the Item or any product featuring the Item on the teachwithtech website to promote or market any products you create. This means you cannot use imagery or mock-ups from Teachwithtech for your own use.

—You cannot modify our designs and sell them as a digital product.

If you have any questions about this license or need a General License or an Enterprise license for bulk commercial use, please do let me know.

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