Wall Vinyl FAQ and Installation Instructions



Are vinyl decals compatible with my walls or paint?

Vinyl decals will adhere to most flat, smooth surfaces. This means walls, windows, metal, glass, mirrors, etc. However, vinyl decals are NOT compatible with the following:

-Medium to heavily textured walls (the more textured, the more time it will take to rub the vinyl onto the wall)

-Brick, paneling, cement block, etc

-Many of the newer no and low VOC paints that are becoming popular

We cannot guarantee that decals will adhere to all surfaces, so we're not able to offer refunds for decals not adhering to your wall/surface. If you've never applied die-cut decals before, we would strongly suggest requesting a free sample decal to test with prior to making a purchase.

What type of decals do you sell?

Our decals are die-cut, meaning the designs/letters are cut out of solid color rolls of vinyl. They contain NO background or clear outline around them. They are applied with a sheet of transfer tape that is later removed. Die-cut decals are very different than printed decals where inks are used on a clear background. 

Here is a great video that you can watch that will prepare you to successfully install wall vinyl the first time: https://youtu.be/qvCRL2Z5_Ho?t=20s

We use Oracal brand vinyl for our decals. We also use the Oratape transfer tape that is specifically designed to work with Oracal brand vinyl. These are the highest quality materials in the industry.

Are wall vinyl decals reusable?

Unfortunately no. Even though the vinyl can be removed, the damage done to the decal upon removal to both the shape and adhesive makes it virtually impossible to reuse.

Are wall vinyl decals removable?

Definitely yes! We use Oracal 631 vinyl which is especially formulated for interior use and removal with little to no residue. Using a credit card or heat from a hair dryer will make removal quick and easy.

Do you offer returns for your decals?

Yes and no. If you inspect your vinyl decal and there is something damaged or wrong with the design, we will gladly accept a return. We do not accept returns from previously installed vinyl decals due to the destructive nature of installation and removal. This is why we include a practice decal with shipment, to make sure you have at least one experience before installing the main decal.

How do I install and Remove?

See the video below: