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Wii Remote Mounting Accessory

Wii Remote Mounting Accessory

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Central to an effective wiimote whiteboard is a stable easy way to mount the wii remote to a tripod or other source.  The following options will give every presenter the choices they need for an effictive stable mount.

"The Spot" - Discontinued

Threaded Battery Cover

Molded wii remote battery cover with an aluminum inset 1/4 -20 threaded bolt for easy installation.

Postives: Installs/uninstalls quickly and is very secure.

Negative: Cannot be used with our rechargeable battery pack.


Wiimote Clip

Clip that opens to hug the grooves of the wii remote with an inset 1/4 -20 threaded bolt for easy installation

Additional pivot head that helps with fine tune adjusments of the wii remote.

Positives:  The quickest of our accessories to install and uninstall.  Extra pivot head for extra adjustment.

Negative: The most insecure of all of the mounting accessories.


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