Quizlet Live in the Classroom and the Four Best Modes of Play

Quizlet Live in the Classroom and the Four Best Modes of Play

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Contributing Blogger: Josh Nichols - Secondary Math Teacher

If you haven't heard already, Quizlet Live is one of the most popular learning games in the classroom today and my opinion is that there is good reason for this buzz.  When it comes to practice in the classroom, Quizlet Live brings collaboration, competition, and a unique gameplay background where it is easy to engage learners.  When I heard "You've got to try Quizlet Live!" from other teachers I was skeptical, but after using the tool, I now say the same thing..."YOU'VE GOT TO TRY QUIZLET LIVE!"

What is Quizlet Live? 

From the Quizlet help page:  Quizlet Live is a free in-class game where students work in teams to learn study sets on Quizlet. Teams work together to correctly match the (twelve random) terms and definitions in a study set. The first team to match all of their terms and definitions wins!”

Quizlet Live is a fun, engaging game where students work in teams to match correct sets of vocabulary, solutions, or other content all the while competing against other teams in a classroom.  Quizlet released the following video that may give a deeper look into what Quizlet Live is and how you might use it in the classroom: 

 Further Details: 

Although the video and the above descriptions do shed light on what Quizlet Live is, there are a few details that are not immediately clear.  The first of which is HOW terms or questions are matched.  How Quizlet Live works is that a single question is posed (or a vocabulary word is shown) to an entire team so that the same question is displayed on each team members device.  The solution (or correct definition) is displayed to ONLY one team member. This requires that students work together to find the solution or the matching word, phrase, or solution.  You also have the option of switching this order, so that students can be shown the definition or solution and then find the vocabulary word or question that matches. 


One Dimensional or More Flexible than Meets the Eye? 

There are limits to any learning tool and since there is no magic bullet for classroom activities, Quizlet Live may seem fairly one-dimensional.  For this reason, I have used several variations to "fix" some of the limitations of Quizlet Live.  Some are fairly obvious and strategies that any teacher would use and some may seem unique.  Either way, there is something here for just about every teacher. 

#1 - Classic Mode - The most popular mode and the default setting most classrooms use.   In this mode, students find their group members on their own, sit next to one another, and begin the game while collaborating with each other.  Within Quizlet, you have the option of grouping students yourself or allowing Quizlet to create randomized teams.  This mode you can create challenges that include no talking, no screen sharing (students can't see each others device), or other unique conditions. 

Classic Mode Quizlet Live


 #2 - Chaos Mode - The second and more chaotic form of Quizlet.  Students are required to stay in their seat. You can allow students to speak from across the room (hence the title Chaos mode) or to require them to stay silent and use grand gestures and mouthing of words to communicate.  **NOT a mode for ALL types of teachers. 

Chaos Mode Quizlet Live


#3 - Race to 11 - This mode can be combined with other modes, but generally speaking allows the slower groups to finish the matching activity.  Since Quizlet Live generates 12 questions, students will stop at the 11th question, allowing all students to finish the activity.  The teacher in the case will keep track of Winners/Losers if needed. 

Race to 11 Quizlet Live


#4 - Relay - This mode requires some room, but is my personal favorite.  Students align all the devices in a row so all can be seen at the same time.  Students begin from behind the devices (so they cannot see) and one at a time look at the group of devices to find the right answer. 

Relay Mode Quizlet Live


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