Whiteboard Setup Help




Smoothboard Manual Recommendations: 

The Wiimotes IR-Camera has field of view that is approximately 30 degrees vertically and 40 degrees horizontally. As a basic guide the Wiimote needs to be placed about double the distance of the height of the projected surface away from the surface (mathematically d=2h, see image right). Assuming the Wiimote is placed at table height. So if you have whiteboard setup and the image is 2m high the Wiimote will need to be placed about 4m from the whiteboard. For a mobile setup with a projector placed on a desk/trolley positioning the Wiimote near the projector is a good starting point. If installing a permanent installation, a temporary fix to allow adjustments for a 'wearing in' period is suggested before drilling holes in your lovely ceiling.

The users instructional and writing style will have a significant impact on the Wiimote position. A right handed individual who tilts the pen a little to the left and faces the board when writing may find better results with Wiimote placed to stage left. Another individual who is also right handed but writes on the whiteboard facing the audience will find better results from placing the Wiimote stage right.

There is a calibration assistant in Smoothboard that facilitates the positioning process

Your objective is to use d=2h and the project location as a guide then use trial and error supported by the calibration assistant to identify the 'premium location' for your style and setup. It is important to note most IWB users have an inherently different style to using a normal whiteboard with pens than their IWB instructional style. I am heavily exposed to multiple manufacturers of IWB including the Wiimote IWB and I find that my instructional style even changes between different styles of IWB due to their unique difference.

Many users who say "the Wiimote IWB doesn't work, I've tried it!" often fail because they didn't take the time to locate the 'premium location'. Once you have found it you just need to know the approximate location relative to the whiteboard then after your several uses you will find that you can magically find the location.

*Information used from: http://www.boonjin.com/smoothboard/index.php?title=Mount_and_position_the_Wiimote