New Nintendo Wii Remote Connection Issue

If you think you have purchased a new Nintendo Wii Remote Plus that was manufactured after November 2011, you may be having difficulites using this hardware. This is due to a change in the manufacturing the the new WIi Remote Plus. Due to this, there are a few main solutions that will be detailed below.

How do I know whether I have the new Wii Remote that does not work using the microsoft bluetooth stack?

#1: The device name is detected by your compuer is Nintento RVL-CNT-01-TR instead of the usual Nintento RVL-CNT-01

#2: Look for a code under the battery cover that says LMB-RVL-WR/ (or something very similar) in small lettering. This is followed by Z-C4 or Z-C6 (or C-C4 as of recently) and will not work using the microsoft bluetooth stack. The lettering is the very small lettering in the upper right hand corner of the sticker under the battery cover.

What is the fix?

#1The easiest fix is to acquire an older Wii Remote Plus (manufactured before November 2011) or an original Ninendo Wii Remote. We have been selling only new Wii Remote Plus remotes, but have ceased due to the fact that all new Wii Remote Plus products found are now RVL-CNT-01-TR remotes.

#2: Install and use the Toshiba bluetooth stack and smoothboard compilation for use with these new Wii Remotes. This requires additional installation, but is very possible and the connection seems to be very stable once setup properly. Please note that all unsupported bluetooth adapters will have a 30 day trial period for the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack .

Please see the following url for the detailed directions on how to use the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack with your new Wii Remote Plus:


Any quesitons?  Please email smoothboard at or teachwithtech at