Wireless Remote Sync Accessory

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Wireless Remote Sync Accessory

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*Intended for use with any 120 Volt AC outlet (North America).  If your country has a different voltage, please do not use unless you have a step down voltage converter.  This product to be used in conjunction with a direct power source like our DIY Battery Eliminator or our AC/DC Adapter and Wii Remote Insert.  


Included with base purchase:

1 Wireless Reciever:

Features:  Radio Frequency Reciever that controls the power to the wii remote from 50-100 feet away. This allows for the receiver to be controlled through walls.  May be installed out of sight above a ceiling or in a closet.  This unit also allows for additional modules to be added to control multiple wii remotes or lamps.  

Each system comes equipped with a learning function which allows for easy pairing and programming of the remote and power module. 


1  Remote: 

This remote allows you to turn power to your Wii Remote on and off.  As long as you have purchased a direct power source, this will allow you to connect your wii remote without pressing the 1 and 2 buttons. 


Optional Accessory to be added for additional cost: 


Additional Wireless Wii Remote Power Controller:  This addition is intended for use with the wireless reciever listed above.  This way, you can control more than one wii remote without having to purchase an entirely new system.

Each additional Wireless Wii Remote Power Controller is an extra $11.99. 


If you are a school or business installing this product in close proximity, there are a total of 5 different frequencies possible. These frequencies will need to be spaced to allow for the 50-100 foot range due to the feature of controlling multiple modules with the same frequency.   Please contact us before ordering to make sure this product will work with the setup of interactive whiteboards in your school.   



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