Customized Classroom Kit

$9.95 - $339.87
SKU: 1009C
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Want a remote sync accessory?: Make sure to also purchase the AC/DC adapter and Wii Remote Insert
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Customized Classroom Kit



 Need help on what to purchase? Please CLICK HERE for an interactive help page.


Base $9.99 Price Includes the following:


  • 1 Wii Remote Mounting Accessory

**The structure of this kit provides optimal flexibility in choosing wha tyou would like to purchase while applying a bundled price!


You may customize what you receive in any way you see fit.  The following are options to the customized kit and the product detail pages will be listed for each applicable category of product.


Infrared Pens

The infrared pen will be in your hand every time you use your Wiimote Whiteboard.  For this reason, it is important that you choose a pen that suits your needs. 

Please visit  to see the individual product descriptions for the infrared pens available for this kit.


Wii Remote Mounts

The mount you need for your Wii Remote does depend upon your needs.  Please visit  to view the product detail page and to gain more information on our mounting options.


Mounting Accessories or Direct Power Source

You will need a mounting accessory if you do not choose to purchase our AC/DC adapter and Wii Remote Insert (The Wii Remote Insert has a mounting accessory built in) or our DIY Battery Eliminator. 

1)  Please visit to view our mounting accessories or

2)  Visit to view our no hassle AC/DC Adapter and insert or

3) Visit to view our cheaper DIY Battery Eliminator that functions the same as our AC/DC Adapter and Wii Remote Insert. 


Bluetooth Adapter

Please visit to view the specifications of our bluetooth adapters.  If purchasing a Wii Remote in this kit, either bluetooth adpater will be compatible with the wii remote included.  Some users prefer using the Toshiba bluetooth stack for connection everyday, but the choice is up to you. 

Remote Sync Options

If you would like to have the option to sync your Wii Remote to your computer without touching the Wii Remote, then our remote sync products are what you need. The following accessories will need to be used in conjunction with the AC/DC Adapter and Wii Remote Insert or our DIY Battery Eliminator to work as a remote sync option.

The view the products we include as a remote sync option, please visit



If you need a reliable robust solution for using your Wiimote Whiteboard, we highly recommend Smoothboard.  We do have both Mac and PC versions available.  Both operating systems are currently compatible with the New Wii Remotes Manufactured After November of 2011.  *Toshiba Bluetooth Stack required for Windows Users. 


Authentic Ninetndo Wii Remote

If you do not already have a Wii Remote and would like to purchase one from us, the additional $39.99 applies for each Wii Remote.  We only sell Authentic Nintento Wii remotes as we do not recommend using any third party brand due to significant performance declines. *Remember that Wii Remote Plus remotes  require the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows Users. 



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